Ray Richards is founder of Mindspan Consultants and a technology journalist hailing from Ottawa, Canada

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Media Contributions


Over the years (September 1995 through present), I've had the privilege of being a featured columnist and Contributing Editor for a variety national and regional Canadian technology magazines including:

  • PhotoLife Magazine
  • TechKnow Magazine
  • Monitor Magazine
  • Government Computer Magazine
  • Ottawa Computes!
  • Hub
  • The Computer Paper
  • The Computer Dealer News
  • Hub, The Computer Paper (a merger of Hub and the Computer Paper)

While the focus of these publications is primarily nuts-and-bolts information technology, software, and consumer electronics, my interest now primarily lies in the effect of technology on societies in macro. You will find this theme at the heart of many of my latter editorial efforts within the pages of the above.

Digital Print

In May of 2011, we launched our inaugural issue of DarkroomPro Magazine for iPad, and soon Android tablets. Available at present on iTunes, this magazine includes video, 360 degree rotating graphics, audio interviews, and lots of informative articles, which we hope people will find both engaging, and as easy to navigate as a paper based magazine. I am currently Editor of this publication.


As a result of my involvement with these publications, I was also asked to participate in a two hour, weekly radio program, The Computer Radio Show, which I co-hosted for 2 years on the national capital's #1 talk radio station, CFRA.While the show's name is certainly terrible, the content was light and fun.

My involvement with CHUM, the parent to CFRA, ended when they changed the format of the show to a single hour and began focusing on more product oriented fare which they could monetize through advertising.

On the whole, I think you'll find this body of work both informative of the times in which it was created, and hopefully somewhat entertaining!

Ray Richards

Content Notes

There are unfortunately many articles that have gone missing over the years, particularly from the period of 2000-2008, during which I suffered a hard drive crash that lead to major data corruption. If you know of any archival sources where I might recover them, please feel free to contact me at: 1-877-MNDSPAN or .

Technology Content From Other Sources

For programmers: check out FreeFormatter.com whose tools include several formatters, validators, code minifiers, string escapers, encoders and decoders, message digesters and more.

Just for Fun

While learning some of the new facets of Objective-C and iOS 5 for iPad and iPhone digital devices, I decided to create the Drinkin' Buddy app, which not only calculates your running total with and without tax & tip while at your favourite watering hole, but monitors your blood alcohol level, providing warnings and status updates on your condition. Additionally, the application integrates with Twitter to enable you to invite your friends along, utilizes GPS to discover local bars, and facilitates the location and calling of taxis when you shouldn't be driving.

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